Designing for one of the happiest occasions in life.
That is the delightful long and the short of it, when it comes to explaining why Melody Yee, designer of Mr&Mrs, runs this little corner of the stationery world.

Starting out her career in the world of fashion, she began illustrating and designing prints for fabric and accessories, art directing seasonal clothing ranges and working, unknowingly at first, towards a career designing for a new medium—paper.

From the moment she applied the same love of design to weddings, suffice to say, there’s been no popping of the contentment bubble since.

Her time is now spent sketching out ideas for couples with infectious smiles, meticulously planning final designs and producing each stationery suite to exacting standards.

Mr & Mrs looks after all manner of stationery, from the wedding invitation to the thank you cards, and every little bit of design in between.


Easy—a chat over coffee.

We talk about your wedding and how we can announce it to the world.


You have mail.

A price estimate for your perfect suite.


The budget agrees, you’re ready to go.

A deposit of 50% and Mr&Mrs gets sketching.


The fun part.

3 design options in 3 working days.


We have sign-off!

With the final word ‘go’, Mr&Mrs takes care of the rest.

+61 413 586 800

po box 201, Broadway nsw 2007 Australia